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Sales Representation

To grow in the United States, a brand must have
supplier side sales representation in the market
"From Monday to Thursday, I work for my big suppliers; on Friday I work for the other 3,000 small suppliers."
Major Distributor Executive, Liquor.com

The harsh reality that every beverage supplier entering the United States market learns: distributors will not build your brand.

Small and mid-size distributors typically carry ~500 brands. The largest distributors carry 3,000 to 4,000 brands. In either case, the distributor salesperson's priority is to maintain and grow their major supplier brand volumes. From a numbers perspective, it is simply unrealistic to expect the distributor salesforce to build new brands.

Our Route to Market Strategy for craft spirits, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages is focused on giving brand owners control and scalability by pairing brand building efforts via our direct Sales Team with import & distribution through our own Fulfillment Program.

Our Sales Representation

Our Sales Repesentation is structured to saturate key markets
while providing for nationwide distribution
Key Markets

In high volume states, our full-time, salaried salespeople each represent a small portfolio of brands directly to independent accounts.

National Markets

In smaller states, we select & manage distributors representing our portfolio, and visit each market periodically to work with their teams.

Chain Team

Our chain sales team calls on every major chain and our Fulfillment Program has vendor relationships into each.

We are singularly focused on bringing exceptional products to remarkable accounts. Our salespeople practice an education-first selling style to let the unique stories and liquids produced by our suppliers shine. Our accounts thrive on bringing these rare finds to life for their clientele.
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